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The Nex Band: Programmable wearable device for mobile gaming and VR/AR control. The Nex Band is a hackable, customizable smart band for the GenZ and Millennial demographics. Nex has 5 programmable buttons called "Mods" that users can hack to create new smart band experiences every day, hour, or minute. Whether it be double tapping to open your garage, turning your band into a spotify controller, dropping a pin to mark your location, DJing a party on your wrist, or lighting up in celebration every time your team scores a run, it only takes a second or two to program, or “hack”, your band. The company has strong partnerships in IoT (such as IFTTT) and gaming (such as Niantic Labs) and is looking for additional developers or content owners who wish to have either a VR control or gaming experience tied to a popular wearable.


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Mighty Cast


Nex is a fictional product. Well, at least it used to be. The original concept for Nex came years back when the multiple Emmy-Award winning co-founders were developing a fictitious fantasy story world called The Mighty Maru. The story is set in a world of dwindling resources and a swelling disparity in income. Out of rebellion, a group of kids band together and form a secret society with the goal of making positive change in the world. In the end, the society members become vigilantes and are forced into hiding. And the only way they are able to identify, communicate, or disrupt the world with magic is through an enchanted bracelet. Many felt passionate about the story, more so for the bracelet- “can you create that real magical bracelet and have it do all of those things it does in the story?”. It was then that we decided to make this imaginary prop a reality. Since 2012, Nex has been awarded a patent, built partnerships ranging from IoT to jewelry, and has received numerous awards including Engadget’s Reader’s Choice Award and the CES Innovation Award. We have an offbeat story and now, we’re happy to say, we have a very creative wearable.

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