Apple’s Best New Game and Recommended Game!//That’s one small step for a chick, one giant leap for birdkind! Help Pogo reach for the stars in this endless jumper! Make your way through randomized levels and maintain your balance as long as you can. Gravity has never been so overrated! If it were only that easy… How far can you go? #FlapYourWay \ (◕v◕) /

Author: Norsfell

Established in 2013 and backed by Execution Labs, Norsfell creates video games for mobile, PC and console platforms, with the mission of building replayable multiplayer experiences for fanatics all over the world. In just a few years, Norsfell has commercialized several projects and won numerous awards, including a prestigious nomination for “Best Mobile Game” at Gamescom 2016 and a victory at the first edition of the Ubisoft Indie Series. Norsfell also shares its knowledge in the community through multiple interventions on panels, radio, television or in the press.