Discover how much the Quebec
gaming industry enjoys playing.

Go to the next level with the Quebec gaming industry.
Put the best of the best at your fingertips.
The QC gaming industry has the leadership, diversity, support and
infrastructure needed to fulfill the vision you have for your next title.


The Quebec video game
industry has an enviable
international reputation. As it
is known for its innovation,
expertise, creativity and
above all the success of its productions.

Quebec’s experience workforce
is educated, young, creative,
multilingual and full of industry
leaders. This is what makes us
stand out from the crowd.

Talent Pool


The competitive tax
environment and similar economic
opportunities in related digital
fields provide substantially lower operating costs and
gives Quebec a real competitive advantage.

Quebec has an unmatched
higher education system
made up of many internationally
recognized training
institutions in the field of
digital media design, animation, video game development
and visual effects


Greater diversity

The Quebec video game industry
is a comprehensive and diverse
ecosystem made up of companies
of all sizes. It handles production
and development for all platforms:
PC, consoles, mobile and online,
augmented reality and video game competitions

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