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Time Machine VR


You are a time-travelling cadet tasked with exploring the Jurassic era and the ancient creatures that once ruled its prehistoric oceans. Your tools for tracking and up-close and personal examination of the creatures around you reveals something new. But in the present, the ice-caps melting has unleashed a deadly virus. The key to the cure lies in the extraordinary creatures of prehistory.

A game about time travel and scientifically-accurate prehistoric creatures

- Explore an immersive Jurassic underwater world

- Navigate a living and dangerous ecosystem populated by mysterious creatures: mosasaurus, livyatan, megalodon, and more

- The DinoDex: upload collected data, and unlock creatures!


  • Release date: 2016-05-19
  • Platform: PC, Playstation
  • Rating: Teen
  • Type of game: AR/VR, Simulation

Minority Inc.


Minority is an established studio committed to cutting-edge VR game development. Since its founding in 2010 Minority has produced games for the PSVR, Google, Oculus, HTC, and Samsung VR platforms. Minority pioneered virtual reality gaming with Time Machine VR, a time-travel adventure game now ranked among Steam’s 30 top grossing VR titles. Minority followed its Time Machine success with three other VR titles: Time Machine: Monsters of the Sea, Cali, and The Other Room.

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