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Porta-Pilots: Plunging Through Time


A&E's HISTORY had a vision to help kids explore historical topics and events through play. PORTA-PILOTS is a key part of their Planet H initiative. Porta-Pilots: Plunging Through Time is an interactive storybook experience that takes kids on a time traveling adventure through history. Filled with humor - like a time machine disguised as a porta-potty - fun original characters, and real historic stars like the Wright Brothers, Thomas Edison, and Cleopatra, it's a unique combination of game and storytelling made for both kids and their families to enjoy.


  • Release date: 2015-12-17

Hibernum Creations


Hibernum is a game development and animation studio based in Montreal. With approximately 150 team members in the studio, we are a creative powerhouse that delivers best in-class visuals and animations with proven monetization and viral mechanics. Through a brand-and-product first approach, Hibernum offers the expertise needed to gain a competitive edge in the crowded gaming industry.

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