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So you think you’re hardcore? You think you can handle an I’d-rather-rip-my-eyes-out-of-my-sockets challenge with one hand behind your back and enough caffeine to kill a bull? Prove it: Here’s AFTERGRINDER – a punishing arcade runner for the speed freaks and masochists among us. Pick a character, pick a level … and get ready to die. Unless you can survive 90 rage-inducing levels in 3 unforgiving worlds, that is.

- Test your skills in 90 fast-paced levels.

- Race through environments rightside up or upside down – whatever keeps you alive the longest.

- Explore 3 different worlds, each with its own twists and turns.

- Choose between 3 playable characters: The Dude (easy), the Lady (normal), and the Shark (hard).

- Enjoy heart-thumping techno tracks as you die, retry … and die again!


  • Release date: 2017-07-18
  • Platform: PC
  • Rating: Everyone
  • Type of game: Casual



Based in Montreal and founded in 2004 by Jeff Giasson, Meridian4 (“M4”) is an indie game publisher that specializes in the digital distribution of mobile and PC games. Serving independent developers aiming to reach a wider audience without compromising their vision, M4’s team of industry veterans – with more than 30 years of combined experience – works with studios to deliver modern classics for audiences with a discerning taste.

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